Running the road to healing …

The Miracle is not that I finished – The miracle is that I even began. (John “The Penguin” Bingham)

This is what I want. February 2, 2009

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I have a pandora bracelet that I love!

This is what I want.

When I finish the C25K.

I have a birthday, anniversary and valentines coming up. Do you think he will get the hint?? (and should I link him to this page???)




You don’t love EVERY run right?

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And some are just plain tough.

I knew it would be tough. Mentally – I wasn’t there. Physically – not feeling 100%. Plus I took the run off the nice smooth even running path and onto the roads near home.

And it was not a fun run. It was tough. I sweated a lot. My legs ached. And I began to HATE even a gentle uphill.

But I finished strong. I did NOT give up. I ran when previously I would have not even begun not so long ago. And I ran pretty well. The last 2k was consistent speedwise. And really – my pace was pretty good !

You learn something every run. I am believing that. Today I learnt that I can go on even when my brain is telling me there is no hope and I may as well quit. I am not a quitter 🙂


Todays stats

Distance 3.68km

Time 25:10

Pace 6.50 min/km

Calories 333

Max HR 168

Avg HR 158


(plus I did 30 min free step on the wii-fit too!)


Today brought me joy. February 1, 2009

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It was just a good day!

I am starting to feel fitter and stronger and healthier. Oh – and my hubby is back home 😉

Today is 1st February. This month I will continue to lose weight – I know I will – my head is so in the right space. I will finish the C25K. I will start belly dancing! OH MY! Gonna be a fun month!

Today’s workout …

20min wii-fit around lunch (6 step,6superhoola, 10 boxing)

55 min walk (5k)

30 min freestep (wii) with 1 kg weights.

And (FINALLY) I stopped procrastinating and did upper body free weights.

Tomorrow is work. And C25K week 7 day 2.
Oh – and I need to tell you about my fave new dessert too!


This week …. a new goal.

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I have a new goal. And it totally scares me.


You see – there is something everyone knows about my husband. He LOVES to cycle! (in fact he just road in a tri team today!)

And there is something you need to know about me. I do NOT like riding at all.

OK – maybe that is a bit strong. But I do find it hard work.


Let’s face it tho – the town I live in is not huge. And riding around it wouldn’t be impossible. Plus it appeals to my inner hippy 🙂

We already have a bike trailer for Miss E so it is something I can do with her. It *may* mean me walking up the hills with the trailer – but hey – I know I will get stronger with time.

So this week – I am going to overcome this fear. I am going to ride my bike at least once on my own. And once towing Miss E in the bike trailer.

Oh boy!


Philippians 4:13. Right????


Biggest loser starts tonight …

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OK – I don’t adore the show. Can’t always say I agree with the methods … but lets face it – it CAN be inspiring. Plus it is something to watch!

So here’s the goal. Every night Paul is going to DVR this show. And every night when I watch it I am going to treadmill/wii/ something to get me moving.

If it is an hour show – I’m going to start doing weights in there too ….

On the days I run it might just be a gentle treadmill walk  – but it WILL be something!

Let’s step this thing up a notch!


oh – and yesterday … January 31, 2009

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I forgot to post. But Paul had an RDO. I LOVE it when he is home!

So I got an hour walk in the morning … and 20min at night. My kinda day!


Week SEVEN day 1! FLYING!

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Week SEVEN! You hear me! Can you believe how fast this program has gone?!!!!

Paul is heading off in a few hours … part of a team doing the “Hell of the West”  Triathlon – so I had to get my run in the morning for a change.

It was hard to talk myself into it. I just wanted to sit home and drink coffee. But … luckily the day was cool … and I want to DO this enough that I forced myself to get moving.

You know what ? All but the last five minutes was fun. The first 10 felt GREAT! It’s amazing to start a run KNOWING you will be able to finish it! And I was able to go just a little bit faster – a little bit further …

It felt GOOD. It was fun! I’m loving this.


Todays stats

Distance 3.72km

Time 25:07

Pace 6.44min/km

Calories 336